2a3 pse amplifier

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2a3 pse amplifier

It has no obvious weakness. Is it the perfect amp? Probably not. The circuit is fully dual mono on a single chassis, with dual 5U4GB rectifiers and two massive power transformers and chokes. With six transformers and the huge Mundorf on top, the chassis itself is very large and heavy. Wife acceptance can take a hike. We saw this on the Finale FS amp that Scott had for review last summer, and it was indeed stunning.

Frank delivered the amp in base livery — with American transformers and all-Russian tubes except for the RCA cleartops.

Hp14x89 dimensions

In a word, it sounds BIG. It plays with authority — it sounds like a big power amp, one that has an effortless ease — and also tremendous finesse. The PSE tore through every type of music I threw at it, and drove all the speakers in the house with equal aplomb — including my 4 Ohm, 86dB Gradients. At no time did it strain to deliver, or even break a sweat. It never sounds slow or dull. This is an amplifier that needs to be seen, and heard. More power, more depth, more scale, more refinement.


Just more. That put it in a different perspective for me, and now I can listen to something like Waltz for Debby and smile — when I heard the busboy move the rack of glasses on the title track, it was so startlingly clear I felt I could almost count the number of glasses. But I mean ever so slightly. And that suits me just fine! This is what matters.Privacy Terms. Quick links. New production 2A3 If they glow, this is the place to be.

I am presently using Sovtek which I believe are well regarded. Certainly I like them. There are probably others as well. I'm interested in the EH Golds because I have their B versions and for the money they are very good. Please can anyone who has experience of these different makes of 2A3 give me an opinion on performance comparison? All views on this gratefully received. The WAD2A3PSE is designed for the Sovtek, assuming its for this one but the point is true for any amp designed for the Sovtek 2A3, so it won't sound at its optimum with a real spec 2A3 and I would not expect it to sound as good as it does with the Sovteks when using other 2A3s Regards, Greg.

Its not far from the true 2A3 operating point. That's helpful and certainly I could do what you suggest, but it rather returns the topic to my original question. Having said that, is it worth the effort? We already know the Sovtek so called 2A3 is a fine valve in this amp. Personally I'm happy with that and with the links James has given me, they are seriously affordable.

In consequence, I'm happy to stick with the Sovteks unless you or another suggests an alteration to the WAD circuit that would bring an improvement. Everyone, what do you think? I'm very happy to take on board other suggestions or to simply stick with no circuit change and use the Sovteks. If you have a view on this, please let me know.

Obviously the foundation of this consideration remains, what is the best current production 2A3 valve worth considering?

The 2A3 Tube Amplifier - A Tribute to Simplicity and Warm Sound

I used Shuguang 2A3Cs in my amp a while ago I think they also do 2A3Bs and a model with graphite or tungsten plates too They certainly sounded as good as the Sovteks with no issues at all. Not sure if they are still available or not though.

Board index All times are UTC.Hi Alex, Interesting article. I Have some white label, double plate, 2A3 octal. I think it must be Suguang, but there are no signs on the glass. Just only '2A3'. Just to be shure: these tubes works on 2,5 V heater voltage?

2a3 pse amplifier

Bye, Hans. You can always try to see if the heaters will light up on 2. There are no 6B4G marked as 2A3, anyway. If you have more questions, please e-mail me.

Regards, Alex. During the final development stages of the RHB amplifier a similar schematics for use with 2A3 tubes has imposed itself as quite feasible and logical. The 2A3 is a DHT tube just like the B, of similar general characteristics: mu is around 4 in both cases, while plate resistance is between and ohms. The main difference between these two tubes, heaters voltage aside, is maximum ratings — dissipation and voltage.

Thus slight downscaling of operating voltage and current to create operating conditions acceptable for 2A3 tubes has been done before with several popular schematics. Just as in the case of the RHB, at 5. As the schematics is strikingly similar to the RHB, I shall not repeat all considerations related to the schematics itself — the only appoint that should be made, or rather repeated, is that the operating point of the cathode follower tube is determined by the directly coupled grounded cathode driver tube.

Single-plate 2A3 mounted amplifier

Thus it will draw the same current regardless of tube type used — and this time I have chosen to adopt an octal socket, accommodating 6SN7 tubes, but 6SL7, ECC35, and other similar tubes can be used as well — you can go as far as 6BL7, 6BX7… even 6AS7 or While it might elude logic to employ 6AS7,or WE by TungSol due to the relatively low current draw, and keeping in mind that these tubes have very high heater current requirements which would have to be taken into account — the sonic results obtainable with these tubes reflects their known sonic characteristics, and are quite interesting in the scope of this amplifier.

And of course, that is the most logical way to go…. While the 2A3 tube was manufactured as well with 6. The most notable application of these tubes have been the Audio Innovations First and Second amplifiers, as it seems that 2A3 tubes were custom ordered on octal base due to a lack of UX4 sockets at the time. In my personal opinion, while this is a plausible answer, I guess that commercial concerns were important as well, channeling the supply of spare tubes for the amplifiers.

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Anyway, a different base just needs a particular socket, and besides complicating life a little bit trying to source 2A3 tubes on octal bases, this would not be much of a twist. In keeping with the inherent universality of my designs, at this point the enters the stage.

2a3 pse amplifier

The is a direct heated beam tetrode tube on octal socket. It has 2. So far so good - but what about the second grid and the beam forming plates?

While the is used by some in triode configuration, with g2 connected to the anode — this application is almost reserved for the old radio collectors market. The is seen as a cheap replacement for expensive 45 tubes, and relatively elaborate adapters are being made or sold to allow plugging the in old radio receivers. Pins 4, 6, 8, and 1 are NC on 2A3 octal base tubes, just like they are NC not connected on 6B4G tubes as a matter of fact, the octal base of the 2A3 octal is identical to the 6B4G base.

Thus when a 2A3 is plugged into the socket, it is indifferent to the connection of these pins.

2a3 pse amplifier

Both tubes have 2. But the bias voltage of the 2A3, i. At the foreseen operating condition of approximately V across the tube and exactly 60mA of current draw, the bias voltage of the 2A3 exceeds the ratings of the LM regulator.

While this could be solved by adopting a TL regulator which is safe for input voltages of up to V the main and probably only relevant difference between these two regulators is the adoption of a DMOS output transistor in the TL — the bias voltage times the current draw will require a relatively large heat-sink and lead to a potential overheating problem.Only you can tell the difference, not anyone else. You already have the most sensitive and complex measuring instrument there is, your ears, your perceptions, your feelings, and what sounds musically right and true.

Remote Advanced Magnetics The ultimate secret sauce. When only the best is good enough any of our 6 models of 2a3 SET amplifiers are built with the same care and attention to the sound.

The audio path is completely free of Class AB switching artifacts, Class D high-frequency noise of transitions between output pairs of devices. You will not find a capacitor in the signal path. From the moment your turn on any of the amps in the truth family you will be greeted with the sweet sound of music. After a reasonable period of break in, I have to say that this is one of the few amps that can rival the performance of my Kondo Kegan mono-blocks at a fraction of the price.

I have been able to experience extreme musicality with state-of-the-art transparency, tone rendition and dynamics. These amps demand the best sources to realize their incredible potential but once properly set up a musical nirvana is afforded to the owner. The Best Sounding 2a3 Tube Amp…. More power? Less and less measured distortion? More reviews? Maybe none of these. The Ultimate Truth.

2a3 pse amplifier

Trust Your Ears. Direct Coupled — Capacitor-less design. This is what music should sound like. Works with most efficient speakers. Hear the Truth. Another Happy Customer.Completed kits by customers:. Read on I have been asked by many of my solder sniffing clients about putting together a kit that would allow them to put together by themselves some of the products that I provide. I have been putting it on the backburner for sometime now mostly due to amount of work orders that I have been getting yeah!

I figured that unless I make a real effort to make it happen, this kit idea will never materialize. So here it goes - I am making it happen. For now, I will only offer kits for amps that I have lots of experience building. They are as follows:. JEL Standalone Linestage. Here is what you get with a kit:. As far as parts selections go, please look here. I will do all the metal work on the chassis according to the layout of your choice. Here is what you DON't get with a kit:. This includes solder and soldering iron.

Remember that tube amps run on lethal volts. The whole point of putting a kit together is to feel the sense of accomplishment. I will not rob you of the pleasure. The lead-time for metal work and compiling all the parts will take about weeks. Occasionally, there are some parts that need to be imported from abroad that would delay the delivery time. If all this sounds good to you, please contact me and I will give you a quote. Thanks for reading thus far. Here are some examples of successful projects:.

And after!


JEL FF preamp. Tube Audio Lab Email: min tubeaudiolab. Tube Audio Lab. Contact Me. WE91AB stereo with the A driver. Enter supporting content here Tube Audio Lab. Enter supporting content here Tube Audio Lab Email: min tubeaudiolab.

Hosting by Web.Scarborough Toronto, Canada. Choice of: Triode Lab's Official Coloursor your own choice of computer coded automotive paint. All my apologies for not getting back to you earlier with feedback about the 2A3-S amplifier: the tubes took almost two weeks to arrive due to the Easter holiday period.

I've only been able to listen to it during the last few days. First I would like to let you know that I like a lot the white car paint finish: it looks perfect. I've been listening to various kind of music on the amp from small jazz quartets to electronic music and I must admit that I'm really impressed with the results. Instrument textures and voices are incredibly smooth and the dynamics especially on drums or percussions are out of this world.

In particular the difference between the 8 and 16 ohm switch is a must have because the output is way stronger on the 16 ohm connection, sound stage is better, everything opens up much more.

I think the simpler non active Zu speakers the Soul and the Druid are a really good match to your amp. The other aspect that I'm impressed by is the bass. All bass instruments sound deep and tight as they should and redefine what bass can be with a properly designed SET amp. Hats off! The only missing thing would be some kind of manual with recommendations about tubes and basic instructions about how to connect the amplifier or switch output impedance.

To sum it up, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase of the 2A3-S. For the price I think it's an outstanding product and with the Hashimoto OPT it's really a joy to listen to. I used the MDA to feed it via an Oppo player for a transport.

Cardas Clear single ended interconnects. I use a balanced center tapped transformer to power all components except for the woofers, which are fed directly from the dedicated 20A circuit for the system. Using the 2A3FFX, the sound has texture. There is something about the 2A3s that give the sound a palpable quality. It seems at ease, without being smoothed over or dull. I am able to relax and just listen to lots of music with this setup.

There is all the detail that I am used to, but without it being etched or sharp.

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The bass is firm and solid, but not as quick or detailed as solid state amplification. But texture is the main strength, I have never heard such realistic texture and tone. Overall, the amp is more pleasurable to listen to than any I have heard before, quite an impressive feat!!! Your choice of 12AX7 or 6H30 as drivers. We've mastered this tube over a long period of time and even though this tube required more attention and work, we just like the sound of it. Either driver-stage uses finest resistors and e-caps, and via industry best QQQ-Japan's tube socket.

Your choice of: Hammonds or Hashimoto Transformers Set. Dual Choke Transformers One supply the operation and one supply the tubes following its dedicated high quality dual Mundorf MLytic Ecaps.

Chassis size : 18" W x 12" D x 2" H. The high quality copper material is much heavier than its aluminum counterpart, as well, a good conductive material for electric there are reasons why your experienced audiophiler say its a sweet thing! It requires a week of dip, clean and polish right here in Toronto, before it can be sent off to our clear-coat facility with lint-free glovehandling at all time.

They weigh close to 30 lbs without any transformers. Made-to-order only. Lead time required. With James transformers stopped supplying HiFi transformers, we need to end the MK2 prematurely Production still ran over ten years easily since early s.I do not know why but I prefer simple, low power triode designs.

May be it's the warm sound produced by these tubes or because I like horn speakers and I know that this relation is erotic.

Quality both inside and out

It's a kind of magic, a sweet sound triggers up your feelings, that can reproduced only from a combination of a DHT tube amp and a pair of horn speakers. I had no previous experience on this specific tube, and this is something that excites me. This circuit has its roots back onwhen published for the first time in the American magazine Radio News, by E. Loftin and S. The main characteristic of this amplifier, is the use of a direct coupled circuit.

That means there is no capacitor or coupling transformer between driver and power stages. For the history the prototype "Loftin-White" amplifier used the "" tetrode in the driver stage and the "" triode in the power output stage. The direct coupling circuit It seems easy to implement but It is not. These circuits allows DC and AC signals passing to the grid of the power gain stage, because there is no coupling capacitor. That's the good point affects to sound quality.

From the other hand, sometimes the existence of some oscillations hum and RF that pass to the final gain stage, affects the sound of the amp, and produces noise or a kind of blear and harsh sound. To eliminate these problems I had to work with exactly the same parameters in both channels matched pairs of driving and output tubesaccurate and exactly the same adjustments, short cabling, etc and top quality materials only.

Applying this method the final result is amazing. The amplifier reveals an amazing sound stage with warm sound and enjoyable harmonics.

In this specific design the 2A3 power output tube, running at 60mA plate current. Plate voltage is V. Input impedance is K ohms. All tube sockets are porcelain high quality.


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